Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snooze a Halloween, Noontime Review

Much has already been said, probably, about Snooze, long waits, exciting decor, hipsterly-typical spotty service and Sonny and Cher sing-a-longs.

Therefore, I will focus upon the magic that is a breakfast entree that does not feature eggs but isn't oatmeal or pancakes. Thank you God! I have only encountered a wonderful occurrence of this magnitude once before, deep in the mountains of Colorado, that epic tale is, however, for another time.

Back to the big city. The elusive entree for the person who loves eating out for breakfast but doesn't care much for eggs (less a fabulous omelet) is called The Snooze Spuds Deluxe. Official description: "choose two veggies and/or meats from below to compliment heaping portions of our hash browns, covered with melted cheddar, jack cheese & scallions" and the options list: uhm apparently not available for copy/paste. It hardly matters what the options are because I created the best combination possible, green chili and sausage patty.

It is severed in a small casserole dish, layered style, hash browns, scallions, cheese, chili and (chopped up!) sausage patty. The layering is my one complaint, even with a drippy veggie choice (yes green chili is a veggie, to me) by the end I was left with a bunch of good but lonely hash browns. Other than that, it was amazingly super. The Green chili was flavorful but not too spicy (remember spice wuss, here). The sausage was thoughtfully cut up. Hash browns were perfectly prepared, not slimy and not too crispy. I wish I could describe the taste explosion of fabulous that occurs when these ingredients are mixed together but I studied economics, so superfluous adjectives escape me, let's just say, it made my happiness quotient increase.